30 minimalist living room design ideas

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Are you looking to give your living room a modern, minimalistic flair?

Check out our amazing collection of design ideas featuring furniture and decor finds that are sure to turn heads!

Get inspired with 30 stylish designs – time for the real home makeover magic.

Want to spruce up your living space?

Transform it into a modern minimalist paradise with beautiful, stylish decor.

Whether you’re aiming for an earthy and vibrant vibe or sleek black-and-white look – there is something here that will catch your eye!

This article has all the ideas you need so get ready to turn those renovation dreams into reality.

modern minimalist grey living room

1 Silver symmetry

This modern yet minimalist design oozes symmetry and balance with its grey shades, silver accents, and two eye-catching dark brown chairs.

A richly finished wooden background gives the living room a natural feel that ties together the entire look.

It’s all in perfect harmony!

minimalist grey living room

2 Small apartment

A small living room is the perfect canvas for minimalism to take center stage.

Here, an artful selection of pieces create a harmonious design where even mismatched colors find their rhythm through similar hues.

From a grey sofa and coffee table paired with black accents in the picture frame and floor lamp to that final touch – a faux fur rug – it all works together gorgeously!

modern minimalist living room and kitchen

3 Not so empty living room

In this stunning open plan, the living room and kitchen come alive in perfect harmony.

Crisp white furniture pops against a warm brown background while an azure area rug ties it all together creating a cozy yet inviting atmosphere.

Designers rejoice!

This simple setup is infinitely customizable with just some small accent changes – think of throw pillows as your secret weapon for an entirely new look every day!

minimalist bachelor living room grey floor and black sofas

4 Black furniture

Look no further for apartment decor perfection!

The sleek black leather furniture with its bold hue provides a stunning contrast to any homes’ neutral tones.

And not only is it eye-catching, but that low shelf beneath the TV can be used as both an additional decoration and a side table when friends come over.

It even matches with another wall shelf behind – making this piece of furnishing ideal in tight spaces!

minimalist cozy cream living room

5 One big sofa

This design has the allure of a simple color palette with cream, beige and pale rose.

An L-shaped sectional is at its center — neutral in hue yet managing to grab plenty of attention standing alone atop an unchanging landscape.

Not even a coffee table or console can distract from it’s grandeur!

Yet there could be one roadblock: such large pieces sometimes don’t let much flexibility come into play when it comes to foot traffic flow paths… so weigh your options carefully before jumping on this stylish bandwagon.

minimalist scandi wooden cabin with glass windows and black sofa and chimney

6 Big chimney

This home captures a unique style that is both chic and comfortable.

High glass ceilings let in ample natural light, illuminating the striking contrast between dark features like the chimney and black leather sofa set against colorful geometric patterns of bright blankets draped over accent chairs.

To top it off, glossy concrete floors are perfectly balanced by a stylish yellow rug – making this design truly one-of-a kind!

minimalist modern apartment grey sofa and cream area rug

7 Elegant color palette

This classic white walled living room is like a blank canvas ready to be filled with the stylish touches of modern décor.

A cozy grey sectional sofa sets off the dark brown laminated floor while an accent chair brings in subtle shades of alabaster and taupe, complimenting its surroundings beautifully.

The perfect finishing touch?

An eye-catching coffee table whose sleek design melds effortlessly into this stunning apartment dweller’s artistic vision!

Pieces such as vases bring pops of color thanks to orange and copper hues – ensuring that no detail (or splash) goes unnoticed!

Finally, a large painting ties it all together by balancing out their sophisticated palette perfectly.

minimalist apartment in grey and white

8 Serene small apartment

This living room may be small, but its beauty is anything but!

With a chic combination of white and grey walls to open the space up visually, this serene oasis looks even more elegant with subtle yet striking accents.

The light gray sofa serves as an inviting centerpiece while dark gray and copper pillows set just the right mood against the jet-black blanket.

Surely it’s no surprise why they call these colors timeless classics!

minimalist living room grey and black geometric area rug

9 Wall art piece

The perfect wall art can bring pizzazz and personality to any room, which is why this mid-century modern getup succeeds with its timelessly fresh blend of black, white and grey.

The living space looks cozy yet chic – the classic gray sofa ties in beautifully with the low table set and area rug’s geometric flair we all know & love from abstract artwork.

To finish off a truly livable vibe: attractive accent pieces like throw pillows galore plus decorative touches such as trays, vases, chairs… even floor lamps!

All paired together just right for an on-trend living haven that will never go out of style.

open floor minimalist living room kitchen and dinning room

10 More wall art

This open-floor home offers a cool and serene atmosphere with its muted color palette, providing for multiple leisurely activities – from relaxing on the grey sofa to dabbling in some kitchen cookery.

Having said that, we can also see one small misstep: the loud pop art piece doesn’t quite match this tranquil space.

For optimal stylistic choices such as these wall decorations, look no further than mid-century pieces or any other artwork of subdued hues!

minimalist living room in cream and turquoise

11 Turquoise accents

Ah, this room is a masterclass in style; nothing has been left to chance!

The walls and ceiling are white as the snow – classic elegance.

But look down at that flooring: it’s like walking on clouds with its natural pale carpet.

You can’t miss the abstract turquoise painting which gives us our only splash of color here – even matching up the throw pillows and blanket too for maximum visual impact!

A pro tip from me? If interior design isn’t your thing, stick to fewer colors – ease yourself into success by pairing just one or two shades together nicely.

All I would do differently? Get rid of my area rug (if there was one), lower my wall art dramatically, then group all stools around an awesome coffee table…a budding designer?!

minimalist japandi living room in black and yellow

12 Yellow accent

Transform your living room corner into a cozy oasis of beauty and relaxation!

The natural wood floor, black sidewall, white walls with golden & grey details create an inviting atmosphere.

Anchor the look by introducing a deep yellow accent chair – it’ll be sure to draw all eyes.

minimalist modern artist living room black leather sofa

13 Clean look

This mid-century modern apartment can be a perfect oasis for the young professional or even the interior designer.

Imagine walking into this peaceful and serene living space – no airs, but all subtlety; just like nature’s canvas with its deep orange walls and black leather sofa as their centerpiece guarded by an elegant vase against one corner.

If simplicity is what you seek, then look no further!

minimalist cozy cream and mint living room

14 Cozy take on minimalism

This room is the perfect blend of comfort and sleekness – not your typical minimalistic style!

The grey color palette creates a tranquil, serene feel while two wood coffee tables and some plants contribute an element of warmth.

An area rug lends texture to the space and helps frame two intricate pencil drawings that bring everything together for one cozy yet chic look.

minimalist rustic concrete and wood beach house living room

15 Beach vibes

With its polished concrete walls and wood furniture, this design is perfect for any beach house.

Its subtle touches of red and green bring life to the natural finishes – making it a must-have on your list!

large family home minimalist living room

16 Minimalism for big families

A family living room doesn’t need to be extravagant – just a few pieces of smart furniture with clean lines will do the trick!

For those big family gather-arounds, you can fit in everyone around an ottoman coffee table that doubles as extra seating.

And when all’s said and done, your home looks spick and span without sacrificing any comfort or style.

large glass ceiling living room

17 Beautiful view

Enjoy the wonders of nature in this cozy living room!

Three large, comfy sofas provide a practical backdrop to admire the stunning view from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Nature welcomes you into its arms with every glance out these glass panes – an exquisite sight that won’t soon be forgotten!

modern minimalist grey living room

18 Grey living room

Looking to spice up your space with some minimalist flair?

Try incorporating this tranquil grey living room, which provides the perfect balance between lightheartedness and sophistication.

No need to splurge on new furniture – all you have to do is give it a stylish twist that’s sure to impress!

modern minimalist artistic living room

19 Retro style

Step into this living room and you will be immediately taken aback by the creative design.

The white walls with red ceramic tiles provide a great contrast that sets up the tone for an artistic layout – like a masterpiece!

Mixed amongst it is one large wooden sofa, tall blue floor lamp, area rug seemingly ripped from art books of yesteryear as well its companion geometrical piece to match in shape & colors .

What we might also miss at first glance due to muted tones are all those carefully curated little trinkets on display along side the painting.

minimalist small apartment hot pink lving room

20 Feminine living room corner

This mid-century style living room is made for small apartments or balconies looking to make a statement.

The rounded pink sofa with its golden legs pairs seamlessly with the gold coffee tables and floor lamp, while the large monstera plant adds a splash of green that ties everything together perfectly!

minimalist japandi white and black living room

21 White room

Create a Scandinavian sanctuary with an all-white living room and minimalist black decor.

Enjoy the tranquility of this peaceful space that radiates Japandi vibes without going over budget – because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good bargain?

minimalist apartment living room wooden walls and black sofa

22 Minimal Apartment

In this modern and minimal design, two coffee tables add a functional touch of style to the black sectional sofa.

The area rug anchors the space with earthy tones – think cream as your canvas with highlights of light blue, mustard yellow and peachy pink for an intriguing pop!

minimalist living room in white pink and light blue

23 Cozy nest

Slip into a state of serenity with this harmonious combination of soft colors, textures and faux fur rug.

Allow the gentle hues in grey and pale rose to whisk you away on an imaginative journey.

minimalist living room and kitchen ikea furniture

24 Small home living room

That living room near the backyard is a sun-seeker’s paradise!

Embrace minimalistic vibes with grey and white hues – perfect for those airy floor plans.

Blissful balance achieved, one chic style at a time.

minimalist cozy cabin living room with natural wood and plants

25 Garden

Tired of living in a box?

This magical house is the perfect escape, where natural light floods through its curved roofs and lush greenery fills every corner.

Relax with nature on rustic beams, steps and coffee tables for an outdoor home unlike anything else!

minimalist modern large home living room dinning room and terrace

26 Large living room

With a large home like the one in this picture, you can easily capture that desirable ‘harmony’ – just use neutral colors!

This way all of your spaces will blend together smoothly for an extremely pleasing result. Lucky us!

minimalist masculine bachelor apartment living room

27 Bachelor living room

This living room absolutely pops with its classic color palette – white, grey and brown playing off one another.

Natural wood flooring grounds the space while a comfy leather couch gives it that signature masculine flair.

To finish things up?

The perfect complement of greenery (snake plant!), art pieces, and an extra large area rug provide the perfect finishing touches!

minimalist rustic white living room with plants

28 White rustic look

Do you want to renovate a rented space but don’t have the budget for it?

A coat of white paint and some creative styling with large blankets can make all your dreams come true!

With the right colors, exposed brick walls will gain a charming rustic look without breaking the bank.

minimalist modern grey black and white living room

29 Small living room

This small apartment living room shows off a chic, classic style with plenty of flare.

The white walls and light wood floor create the perfect backdrop for an elegant area rug in shades of grey plus geometrically patterned stools to complete the look.

And don’t miss that abstract piece on center stage – it ties everything together and adds just enough pizzazz!

minimalist and vernacular white living room with plants and traditional area rug

30 Minimalist and vernacular

Minimalism is a style that knows no boundaries.

Whether it be glam or maximalist, this white living room gets its personality from the classic grey sofa and vibrant area rug – quite an unexpected yet beautiful combo!

With minimalistic furniture as your backdrop, you can add even more character to your space with decor pieces of all shapes and sizes – now how’s that for having fun with interior design?

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30 minimalist living room ideas

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