8 lessons from a minimalist home

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Even if you’re not ready to make the full plunge into minimalism, there are still some great life lessons it can share.

Allow this concept to help optimize your home and lifestyle with these eight tips from a minimalist master!

The suitcase in the storage room

Packing lightly can be a challenge, but if you’ve mastered the art of packing minimalistically for business trips or vacations alike, consider yourself an honorary member of extreme-minimalism society.

From clothes to toiletries and electronics – everything comes with its own unique weight in your luggage that affects how much space is available for all those souvenirs!

But even though we might have planned ahead as best possible so nothing goes unused on our trip, it’s not always guaranteed what will get used (or go totally untouched).

With this in mind, returning from holidays may bring back less than expected…maybe next time pack smarter rather than necessarily lighter?

Quality before quantity


So rather than packing up and going full-on hermit, why not pick through your stuff like a champ?

Ask yourself what’s essential – do your possessions make life better or just add clutter?

When it’s time to buy something new, think twice before checking out.

This is the way you avoid buying things that go undoubt.

Furniture with multiple functions

A minimalist home is anything but boring – why waste money and space on two or three separate pieces of furniture when one can do the job?

An organizing headboard doubles up as a bookshelf, ottomans provide convenient storage for blankets out-of-sight, while tables are easily transformed to accommodate extra guests.

With cleverly designed multi functional furniture you’ll have plenty of room (and budget!) left over for other things!

Minimalism and space optimization

minimalist bedroom

Living with a big family in small quarters?

Let minimalism be your savior!

Take advantage of verticality and get multi-functional furniture; think tables that double as wardrobes, or beds housing hidden drawers for whatever you may need.

These savvy solutions mean the days of cramped spaces are over – now all those beloved ones can fit into one happy home!

Avoid trends

Minimalism offers us a smart way to shop – one that cuts down on impulse buys and distinguishes between trend-focused purchases, such as the latest bedframe or sofa set.

When it comes to these bigger investments, opt for classic designs like chesterfield sofas or antique heirlooms.

Not only will they last longer but they’ll also add elegance to your living space!

Durable furniture

When furnishing your home, you want to invest in the best quality and timeless pieces within your budget.

It’s worth it to do some research on manufacturers, materials used and warranties so that down the line you won’t regret going with a cheap option; because nothing hurts quite like throwing money away!

Capsule wardrobe

Tired of a closet full of clothes that are rarely worn?

It may be time for an upgrade!

Take stock and only include the pieces you love, that fit your lifestyle and strike just the right chord color-wise.

When it’s time to shop again, make sure each item is one worth investing in.

You’ll save money (and space) while enjoying more use out every piece.

Reducing all the spaces

minimalist apartment

Marie Kondo, the guru of organization and home efficiency, famously said that “organization begins with choice”.

A truism for anyone who has ever attempted to declutter.

While taking the time to choose what sparks joy in our lives may not be fast or particularly enjoyable in the moment when we have other pressing responsibilities each day.

It is truly worth every ounce of effort; organizing your space can grant great relief!

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8 lessons from a minimalist home