10 Ways to save money

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With a few simple tweaks to your daily routine, you can save big while achieving minimalist goals!

These frugal habits – which are easy on the wallet and perfect for leading an uncluttered lifestyle – will help you get there.

Do you want to make the most of what you have and save money while going easy on the environment?

Check out my list of 10 simple habits that can help.

I’ll tell you which ones made it into my daily life as we go along!

Unplug devices when not in use

unplugged device save money tips

Did you know about the sneaky energy leeching away from your wallet every month?

It’s called phantom or vampire energy and it surprisingly adds up in our bills.

On average, between 10% to 33% of a household electrical bill could be due to not using what they are charged for!

Yikes – that number has only been going higher as technology increases its market presence; something we all need to look out for if we want healthier wallets.

More information on the report is here.

Unplugging your appliances when they are not in use is an easy way to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Go through each room of the house, unplugging items like coffee makers, cell phone chargers or lamps that don’t need to be switched on for a long time.

By doing this simple exercise you can make sure you’re not wasting any electricity unnecessarily!

Making small changes such as these every day adds up over time – so why wait?

Get started today and reap the rewards tomorrow!

Grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs

Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs?

It’s easier than it sounds! From cilantro for salads to green onions for soups – a world of flavorful options awaits.

Not only can these brighten up any dish in the kitchen but they also make beautiful decorations as well – plants are always an eye-catching addition no matter where you put them!

If ideal conditions permit why not give growing tomatoes or peppers on pots a try?

Who knows how amazing that freshly snipped parsley will taste with dinner tonight?!

Dryer balls and racks

minimalist home foldable drying clothes rack

Trying to find a way to make your laundry day less of an ordeal?

Unfortunately, with many people living in small apartments the traditional solution isn’t feasible.

But don’t worry – there are still some great alternatives!

Dryer sheets may be convenient but create more waste and cost money so might want to try dryer balls instead which can usually last for much longer.

Our top recommendation though is investing in a foldable drying rack; this takes up minimal space around your home making it perfect for smaller places.

Plus you get that fresh air smell everyone loves once everything is done!

Create a high-yield savings account

saving money frugal minimalist tips

If you’re aiming to really make your savings grow, it’s best not to dip into them when those daily expenses hit!

Instead, look at online banks offering higher rates of return – they won’t have the costly overhead that regular banks do so can pass their savings on.

It’ll mean one account for long-term goals and a separate one for day-to-day living costs -worth it in the end if your budgeting is done right!

Pack your own food

bento box save money ideas

Thinking of saving money?

Meal prepping is the way to go!

Cook just once every week and let that food last you all seven days.

Pack your meals in containers, grab a reusable mug for coffee, and boom – healthier eating habits plus fatter savings account.

Time (and the bank!) will thank you later!

Stop smoking

stop smoking to save money

Talk about a success story – I went from being a smoker in college to becoming healthier than ever! Having quit, my wallet got heavier and it’s not the only thing with benefits.

With more energy for activities like running for longer periods of time, better smelling rooms (at least ones without nicotine!), brighter & youthful skin; what’s there not to love?

Plus you save tons of money that can be used on other things or saved up towards future doctor appointments.

Delete shopping apps

shopping apps minimalist money

Shopping online has become so easy and companies are taking advantage of it by making sure you don’t take the time to think before spending.

To make matters worse, we often find ourselves purchasing items in moments of stress or boredom- two feelings that can quickly lead us into debt!

So be cautious when browsing your favourite apps and websites: only use them for a specific purpose like buying gifts or hiring services – not as entertainment while bored at home.

That way, online stores continue being an amazing resource without leading you down financial trouble roads!

Use up what you have

minimal frugal money tip using up your products

Want to make a fun challenge out of this?

See how long you can resist shopping!

Before succumbing the temptation, take some time and get creative.

Search through your pantry, fridge or freezer – what deliciously unique meals or snacks could you whip up with things already on hand?

Same goes for hygiene products – why not dig deep in that almost-empty bottle of toothpaste and see if there’s still enough left to squeeze out one last brush session (hint: adding water helps!).

Or split open those half-finished body lotions; who knows how much product is lingering inside?!

Don’t shop without a list

save money shop with a list

Shopping can be a breeze if you take the time to make sure everything’s on your list.

Whether it is running through all of your storage spaces or jotting down notes, this will ensure that nothing essential gets left behind and keep superfluous items off our shopping cart!

Trust me – one trip with an organized plan makes for happy purchases and saves precious time.

Set a goal

set a goal to save money

Are you dreaming about a special trip next year?

Or maybe you want to pay of your college, car or home debt. What if the kitchen makeover that’s been in mind since forever becomes reality…maybe even early retirement!

Whatever goal is on top of your list these days can become true with just saving some extra money at home – and it doesn’t have to be hard either!

Set up an old glass jar, mark it with what project this money goes towards and let everyone join forces when significant change ends up inside.

If any doubt creeps into your head regarding how easy (or difficult) all this might be feel free to ask away below 🙂

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