10 minimalist questions to start your journey

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Seeking an enlightened state of mind? Try simplifying your life! Take 10 moments out of every day to introspect and see how paring back can lead you into a world of enlightenment.

Are you ready to transition into the minimalist lifestyle?

Forget about just shedding stuff – it’s time to free yourself from anything that doesn’t bring nourishment.

Before committing, reflect on these 10 questions — they’ll set your course toward a balance with only what truly fills up your happiness tank!

10 Minimalists questions

Are you always running out of money?

minimalist never run out of money

Forget penny-pinching – with a little discipline and minimalism, you can become the master of your finances!

Letting go of frivolous expenses in favor of what truly matters enables more money to be stashed away instead.

For even further financial gains, take advantage of high yield savings accounts for faster growth that will soar like an eagle!, read this article with six tips minimalists use to manage their money.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning and organizing you have to do?

minimalist questions

Fed up with the chaos?

It’s time to make like a minimalist and take back your space.

Don’t feel overwhelmed – start small, keep going until that clutter piles are no more!

Give yourself some extra room for relaxation by embracing minimalism and reclaiming control of your home.

Breathe deep – minimalism working its magic is sure to set you free!, follow this link to read about 25 things you can begin decluttering right now.

Do you waste your time doing things you don’t want?

stop wasting time doing things you dont want to

Time-management can often be a challenge, but when you start taking control of your moments and only allocating them to activities that bring joy or benefit — life suddenly becomes so much more rewarding!

Say bye to anything that isn’t worth the investment, just like Santa with his naughty-or-nice list.

Remember: time is infinitely more valuable than money – make sure you’re spending it wisely!

Did you buy something you dislike and don’t know what to do with it?

impulse shopping how to stop it

Shopping gives us the exciting thrill of a rush, like we’ve conquered some sort of shopping championship.

But then reality hits – with bills and closets full for clothes that don’t necessarily fit our needs or wants.

To avoid this impulse buy disaster: try finding hobbies to swap out spending money on goods you didn’t even know existed!

Do you feel there’s something wrong with your current spending habit?

stop wanting a bigger house

Are you guilty of succumbing to seasonal trends and buying up the latest gadgets, clothes, accessories – all in pursuit of a better life?

Your shopping cravings may be filling your home with love (or junk) but they’re also draining resources from both your wallet and our planet.

It’s time we start cherishing what we already have instead!

Do you have a hard time saying goodbye to sentimental belongings?

minimalist questions

Is yesterday dragging you down today?

Take the time to purge your past, and create a bright new future!

Stifle those sentimental keepsakes for opportunities of tomorrow – freeing yourself from the strands that tie you back will lead towards greater possibilities.

Do you have trouble getting rid of everything else?

declutter perfume collection

Don’t feel bad about saying goodbye to the stuff that’s been taking up your space for a while.

It doesn’t have to be an emotional attachment – just put it out of sight, and most importantly…out of mind!

That’s what minimalism is all about; less mess, more peace!

So go ahead and make some room in those closets today: trust us when we say you’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t you know what to wear most of the time?

Don’t let your daily struggles with choosing an outfit be compounded by overstuffed closets!

Try lifehacking the situation – plan out what you’re going to wear before bed, and say goodbye to decision fatigue.

And don’t just settle for basic shades either: pick pieces that flatter YOU best.

The beauty of minimalism can save time getting ready in the mornings; check out some YouTube vids if it feels like uncharted territory!

Do you always receive bad gifts?

minimalist questions

Don’t waste your energy shopping for awkward ties and perfumes nobody enjoys. Instead, make this a celebration of experiences!

Treat yourself to an unforgettable dinner out or check out the hottest new movie – both are surefire ways to show that you care about someone special (or just treat yourself for once).

And if you’re still undecided on what gift is best?

Gift cards take all the guesswork away – why not let them pick something they’ll love instead?

Do you spend too much time on your smartphone?

woman wasting time on the phone

Harness the power of your phone for good – those 2 hours could have launched a thousand tasks!

Don’t let valuable moments go down the drain; use them to achieve big things instead.

Now that you have the answers, it’s time to begin your journey.

Rather than going all in, why not ease your way into minimalism?

Baby steps are the key here; start slow and you’ll be conditioning yourself for success before you know it!

Of course, if at any time during this enlightening experience questions arise or further exploration is required – don’t hesitate to reach out below.

I’m standing by with a helping hand!

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10 minimalist questions to start you journey