The 6 types of minimalists

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I pondered first on what it means to live a minimalist life.

Though minimalism can look different for each person, there are some common principles that unify us all – and personally, although I strive to incorporate these values into my lifestyle today, true minimalists have an impressive commitment to this way of living!

My respect goes out those who willingly leave behind materialistic desire in pursuit of their greater purpose.

With minimalism gaining traction as a lifestyle choice, it’s no surprise that there are various types of people who identify with being minimalist.

I’ve come up with six distinct profiles and if more spring to mind later – or better yet you know some too! – then we can add them in for good measure.

At the end of this list, I’m going to share which type suits me best so maybe we’ll find out what kind works for you too?

So don’t be shy; let’s shift through these easy-breezy philosophies together and see where they take us!

Type of minimalists

Essential Minimalist

essential minimalist room white chair

Minimalism is a minimalists best friend.

Enter their home and feel the clean ambiance where white walls, light wooden floors, only necessary furniture with neat lines makes for an uncluttered space that’s as chic as it is green—with lush plants adding some touches of color.

It seems like less stuff equals more organization here; from kitchen countertops to closets – you won’t find much evidence clutter ever existed in this soundly structured sanctuary!

For those who seek a perfectly serene lifestyle, minimalism might be the answer; paring down your belongings to maintain only what is necessary can lead to an orderly sanctuary – but beware!

This way of life could cause tension if two different households suddenly merge.

Seeking solace on their own?

Single people and couples alike may benefit from this strict structure before embarking into matrimony or moving in together.

Otherwise it’s best that you stay far away – because when more than one household arrives at these gates, chaos will surely ensue!

When it comes to making compromises with others, transitioning into minimalism can be tricky.

So why not give them a gift they’ll truly appreciate?

Digital subscriptions like music, movies and books allow for the perfect decluttering dilemmas while still providing all kinds of entertainment.

If something more tangible is on your list then opt in for consumables; essential oils or scented candles are sure to spark joy without cluttering up those living spaces!

The Thrifty Minimalist

type of minimalists

This frugal minimalist considers it a personal challenge to make the most of what they have, and only part with their money when absolutely necessary.

Fortunately, their penny-saving attitude is tempered by an eagerness to take on DIY projects around the house or garden – growin’ herbs and veggies like there’s no tomorrow!

Talk about budget living done right!

This minimalist takes their shopping seriously!

From second-hand stores, to intensive research into brands and products; no stone is left unturned.

They even attempt fixing broken items before considering buying something new – a skill that often proves successful in the long run.

However, all of this could sometimes take longer than expected causing them to part ways with an item much more valuable than money – time!

When it comes to DIY projects, they can be great in theory but risky when taken too far.

Before taking on an entire renovation project – possible costing more money if left unaddressed – consider buying all new tools and materials for the job up front to save yourself from added future expenses related with pre-used goods!

Searching for a great gift to give the minimalist who already has it all?

Consider presenting them with ultimate utility: an overflowing toolbox!

Sure, they may not be ready to build their next rocket ship just yet – but this is a thoughtful way of saying ‘Hey, you can take on anything life throws at ya!’

Aesthetic Minimalist

minimalist elegant grey bedroom

Aesthetic minimalists have style to spare, favoring a clean look that satisfies the necessities – no matter what it takes.

They’ll be happy shelling out extra cash just for an item’s image even if similar cheaper alternatives are of equal quality.

So much for responsible spending!

Minimalism certainly has its benefits, but it also comes with a hefty price tag.

So if you’re searching for the perfect gift to give someone who already lives in less-is-more luxury, look no further than art – or as an absolute sure bet: a good ol’ fashioned gift card!

Eco-friendly Minimalist

minimalist woman cooking in white cozy kitchen

These pioneering minimalists have become one with the earth, taking up a sustainable lifestyle to preserve our planet for future generations.

Not only are they resourceful environmentalists but also self-sufficient family folks!

What can you give them that encapsulates their powerful conservation spirit?

An e-book full of clever DIY ideas – perfect for any practical minimalist master!

Conscious Minimalists

type of minimalists

Freed from the burden of possessions, conscious minimalists experience joy as well as a spiritual awakening that can’t be bought!

Dedicating themselves to moderation for mental wellbeing rather than financial gain alone; they let go of guilt and stress in favor of their intellectual pursuits.

If you want to show your appreciation towards this journey – how about gifting them a book on finding serenity through decluttering?

Experiential Minimalists

minimalist couple with dog sitting in front a lake

Forgetting the ‘stuff’, minimalists lead a life of experiences above all else – challenging themselves and embracing whatever comes their way.

With just one bag, they can have an endless array of adventures- from hiking in nature to globetrotting as digital nomads.

It’s no surprise that this unique breed has gained such traction; after all, who doesn’t want more control over them life?

For those whose hearts long for real-life experiences, material possessions play no role in their life goals.

They understand the importance of minimalism and savor every penny so they can indulge in more worthwhile activities elsewhere around the world.

So when it comes to gifting them something special, think outside of ‘stuff.’

A class that teaches a new skill or hobby could make an excellent present – but why not take it one step further?

Present your adventurous friend with a plane ticket to somewhere unexplored; now there’s an experience worth having!

What kind of minimalist am I?

I’m a blend of Aesthetic, Thrifty and Conscious Minimalism.

I used to have too much stuff cluttering my mind – until minimalism set me free!

Thanks to decluttering, I now spend less time shopping for things that won’t make an impact on my life AND can focus more on pursuing passions such as starting this blog.

Who knew being low-key could bring so many positive changes?

What type of minimalist are you?

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