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Fancy Bedroom Easy & Fast | Top 10 Tips

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Fancy bedroom decor with these 10 easy and affordable tips.

Transform your bedroom into an elegant and luxurious retreat with these simple DIY tips.

Don’t be fooled, elegance doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

It’s all about embracing simplicity and unleashing your creativity.

Discover the key elements you can incorporate into your bedroom decor to instantly enhance its appearance.

Headboard + DIY idea

Transform your bedroom’s look with a captivating headboard, an affordable DIY project that can be a significant focal point.

For a stylish ‘Japandi’ bedroom, a simple, low headboard complements the Japanese-inspired low furniture. For a more opulent aesthetic, a taller headboard could be ideal.

To create the headboard, you’ll need MDF wood, padding from a DIY or upholstery store, fabric, scissors, and a stapler.

Many stores will cut the MDF to your specified dimensions.

Cover each piece of wood with padding and staple it, cutting off excess material at the corners to achieve the desired rounded shape.

Then, cover it with your fabric choice, folding and stapling it neatly in place.

Attach the finished panels to the wall with your preferred method; double-sided tape can be used for easy future removal or relocation.

Choose a durable fabric like upholstery or heavier curtain material, and always test samples at home against your room’s decor before purchasing to ensure a cohesive design.

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Bed base + DIY idea

Create a customized bed base, it’s easier than you might think!

Measure the dimensions of your bed, the width, length, and height from the floor to just above where the mattress begins.

You’ll cover the base with either an upholstered or wooden piece, which can be cut professionally at a local shop.

Hardware stores will have the angles you need to join these pieces together, and they usually come with screws—no additional tools required.

You can keep the wooden tone natural or paint it, but if you prefer a coherent look, you might opt for the same fabric as your headboard.

This creates a unified and sophisticated design, enhancing the overall bedroom aesthetic.

For the upholstery, follow the same method used for the headboard: cover each section independently with padding, staple it, stretch the fabric over it, staple again, and neatly finish the corners.

Use angles and a handheld drill to assemble the base into a square frame.

This DIY approach not only elevates the room’s look from ordinary to extraordinary but also allows for personalization in color and texture, aligning with your preferences rather than settling for store-bought options.

Designers use this technique to create bespoke spaces for clients, demonstrating that customizing a bed base and headboard is not as daunting as it seems and can lead to beautifully personalized results.


Elevate your bedroom look quickly and affordably by updating your curtains.

Instead of custom-made, opt for ready-made curtains; there’s a wide variety of high-quality and beautiful options available.

To install perfectly, buy the panels first, then position the curtain rod at the ideal height based on the panel length you’ve chosen, ensuring they either just touch the floor or drape nicely onto it.

Avoid the common mistake of installing the rod before having the curtains, which can lead to unnecessary adjustments and additional costs.

For the bedroom, selecting blackout fabric is crucial as it blocks light and improves acoustics, creating a peaceful environment for rest.

Although high-quality curtains might be pricier, the investment is worthwhile for the bedroom over other areas due to their impact on sleep quality.

If budget is a concern, consider quality options from retailers like Amazon that offer a luxurious look without the custom-made price tag, providing both economic and practical benefits.

Fancy bedroom paint colors

Revitalize your bedroom by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint to restore their lost luster.

For any cracks, use putty to fill them in, and if the old paint layer is peeling, scrape it off with a spatula before repainting.

As a tip, white interiors allow for easy touch-ups of marks or blemishes without needing to repaint the whole surface, saving time and money.

When choosing paint colors, opt for soothing, neutral shades that promote relaxation, and reserve bold colors for decorative accents to maintain a calm bedroom ambiance.


Moldings on walls, a classic element in any fancy bedroom, have been trending for several years given their relatively low cost and significant impact.

They add depth and dimension to spaces and are not just confined to classical styles.

Modern contrasts are created with moldings in various designs such as Japandi, Scandinavian, and contemporary styles, among others.

In minimalist and simple bedrooms, moldings are becoming popular, especially as a backdrop for the bed.

They are an easy and practical way to elevate the look of a bedroom and add interest to the walls.

Besides being economical, they can be easily removed whenever desired.


Revitalize your bedroom easily and economically by updating your bedding.

If your budget allows, indulge in new sheets and quilts to refresh the look.

However, if your current bedspread is still in good condition, consider elevating its appearance by adding pops of color or texture with new pillowcases.

This simple change adds depth and style without the need to purchase a whole new comforter set.

By switching up just a few elements, such as pillowcases, which often wear down quicker than sheets, you can give your bed a fresh, stylish look.

Additionally, using a lighter quilt or throw at the foot of the bed can introduce a new layer of texture.

These minor, cost-effective details can create a cozy and elegant look you desire without the need for a complete overhaul.

Artwork for a fancy bedroom

Adding art to your bedroom is a fun way to personalize the space, and minimalistic, organic, or simple geometric designs are currently trending.

If you’re into DIY, you can create your own artwork by painting over old or thrifted canvases with an abstract or landscape design that fits your personal style and the aesthetic of your room.

For those who prefer not to paint, buying posters or printed canvases is a great option.

There’s a wide variety available, including works by contemporary graphic artists or black-and-white botanical themes.

You can either have these prints custom-framed or buy a pre-made frame from stores like Amazon.

Art and frames in the bedroom serve as wonderful focal points, especially if you don’t have a headboard, with large pieces or coordinated collections creating a captivating visual interest.


Incorporating plants into your bedroom is an instant, cost-effective way to elevate the space and bring in a touch of nature.

You might already own a plant that can be moved from another area such as a terrace or living room.

To further match your style, select a complementary pot or repurpose natural fiber baskets to cover old or unattractive plastic pots.

Ensure you use a base to prevent water damage to the basket.

For a plastic pot, consider adding texture with plaster and paint it in a color of your choice for an elegant look.

This quick DIY upgrade can be easily done in minutes, enhancing functionality and style with lightweight plastic pots.

LED strip

Installing LED light strips is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance the ambiance of a room.

These LED strips range in price from $10 to $30 and some come with dimmers to adjust brightness and color temperature.

It’s important to hide the cables and keep the control accessible.

Another inexpensive alternative is LED hose lights

sold by the meter, requiring an additional piece to connect to the power source.

Installation is easy and creativity is key – for instance, you can add the strips under a floating nightstand for a transformative effect.

Key tips include ensuring only the light’s effect is visible, not the LED points themselves, and concealing any visible cables to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the illuminated space.

Fancy bedroom details

Revitalizing your bedroom can be as simple as updating the ‘jewels’ of the space, which refers to details like handles, knobs, and furniture legs.

These elements are readily available both in physical stores and online, offering a wide variety of options to fit your style.

For instance, if you’ve bought new furniture with lackluster handles or refurbished your nightstands or vanity, consider switching out the hardware.

This simple change using just a screwdriver can make a dramatic difference, instantly elevating the elegance of the room.

Remember, it’s essential to stay true to your personal taste to complement your bedroom and make it shine with an updated look.

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