7 common bathroom mistakes

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Have you ever left the bathroom feeling as though something just wasn’t quite right—but you don’t know what it could be?

Chances are, you may have been making some common bathroom mistakes.

Whether it is regarding cleanliness, organization, or safety concerns, these 7 common bathroom mistakes can affect your living space.

By being aware of them, you will never step out of the restroom feeling like something was ‘off’ again!

Read on to learn more about these essential tips from my own experience as an architect.

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Poor lighting

One of the most common bathroom mistakes on this list has to do with lighting which is quite common.

And bathrooms are no exception to this.

Usually, you’re stuck with just the ceiling light, which is in the center and doesn’t have any additional lighting locations.

Remember, decoration is not just about looks but also functionality.

So, if you have bad lighting, for example, when you look in the mirror it creates shadows.

To solve this issue you can install spotlights on the ceiling, but you can also create other points of attention.

You can install wall sconces that you can hang on either side of the bathroom mirror that won’t dazzle or create shadows.

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You can also consider LED light strips; feel free to use them, for example, behind a mirror or under a bathroom or sink cabinet, especially if the cabinet is open.

Just make sure you use a neutral light (no neon colors in the bathroom please).

This way you add a subtle shine and make the space look more elegant.

In smaller spaces, another alternative is to take advantage of the vertical space to hang an additional lamp.

What do you think? This can improve the level of brightness in your bathroom as seen in this image.

Bad light source

Another big issue related to the previous one to take note of is poor lighting quality.

It’s possible you are not getting the right light tone when you put on makeup, do your hair, or shave.

Many of us face this problem. To solve it, it’s best to use neutral light, which is closest to daylight, lighting up your face evenly without distorting colors.

With LED lights, you get long-lasting bulbs that mimic natural light.

If you plan on renovating your bathroom lighting, it’s best to install lights 9 to 10 inches (25 centimeters) away from the mirror.

This way, you don’t lose the effect of multiplied light, and shadows won’t fall in awkward places.

If you’re dealing with two sinks, consider using a central light fixture for each one.

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It is important to keep in mind that order is also linked to decoration.

The trend of having a sink with an open shelf at the bottom is one of the most frequent bathroom mistakes as it demands a lot of organization, since everything is in plain view.

A better alternative would be to keep everything covered, particularly if we struggle to maintain order.

If you are old-school or live in a rental, having a medicine cabinet with a door may be a solution for storage.

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Although for many it may seem outdated for your bathroom, there are some that can be fitted into the wall and are also a good solution for small spaces.

Furthermore, if you have a small bathroom, a sink like the ones I am showing you and you do not have any storage furniture, take a closer look and use the space beneath it or the walls.

However, make sure that whatever you place there will be functional for you and not a stumbling block.

If you live in a rental and cannot modify anything, opt for narrow furniture where you can put the products or items that you usually use in the bathroom.

Maybe you also have some space outside it where you can place a piece of furniture that allows you to store your products, towels, bathrobes, personal hygiene items and more.

This is only applicable when the space is quite limited and there is no way to do it within the bathroom.

Remember that, in case you cannot place it at ground level, you can also take advantage of the vertical space.

Discover more tips to create a minimalist bathroom!

Sink area

Consider using floating or wall-mounted furniture such as cabinets, especially for small bathrooms, as it can be more convenient to maintain and clean.

Additionally, if you’re aiming for a modern and sleek design when updating your bathroom, it can be more beneficial.

In small spaces, which are so common nowadays, floating furnishings can give the impression of space since they’re lighter.

Ultimately, pick something that caters to your needs and style.

Hide what you don’t need

Leaving everything in plain sight creates visual clutter such as exposing your personal items, bathroom toiletries and so on; luckily these bathroom mistakes are easy to fix.

To achieve an attractive and elegant house – parity among labels, forms, and colors of containers is a must.

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It won’t look as good as we want otherwise.

We talked about how under-sink storage furniture is a perfect option.

Also, there are plenty of other alternatives, like wall-mounted ones, corner-shaped ones, and ones featuring drawers.

Explore your options and evaluate them considering available space, needs, and money.


Not caring about proportions can impact any space in a home, and the bathroom is no exception.

When choosing a bathroom mirror, make sure it’s not too small.

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Remember that mirrors not only reflect light and widen the space visually, but also enable us to perform activities without difficulty.

It’s important to keep the mirror size in proportion to the sink width and, in terms of height, it should reflect the upper torso as well as the head.


Check out this bathroom I’m showing you!

It looks pretty, but it also seems cold and lifeless.

What do you think it needs?

In my opinion, a little touch of nature would be perfect!

Choose and place a plant in a strategic spot, or consider adding some natural elements like nature-themed wallpaper on a wall, and the room will come to life and bring warmth.

I personally love this wallpaper design by Photowall, perfect to use as a backdrop for your sink area.

This advice is particularly useful for people who want to give that extra life to a white or boring bathroom, and can’t make too many changes.

While some people may say using fake plants in decor is a big no-no, there are some realistic-looking ones nowadays that we can use.

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Moreover, some plant types not only filter toxins from the bathroom environment, but also provide pleasant aromas to a room where this is particularly crucial.

Learn more about the perfect plants for beginners here.

Keep it simple

Overdoing the decoration with flashy colored accessories can make it feel stifling and stressful.

It’s better to avoid excessively decorative elements, especially if your bathroom is small.

Let’s steer clear of a theme that goes beyond subtlety.

Of course, it’s okay to add some personal touches, but going overboard will make it look neither pretty nor elegant.

You don’t need to fill your bathroom with themed items to achieve the desired effect of colors, textures, and materials.


Neglecting the ventilation issue is a matter of architecture and design, and not all bathrooms have an exterior window.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones, consider installing an air extractor.

This helps prevent moisture build-up and unpleasant odors by extracting air, generating airflow and renewing the atmosphere.

As always, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional who can suggest the most suitable option for your bathroom’s dimensions, your budget and needs.

Right materials

Design theme with decor, but it’s quite imperative to mention it, especially if you intend to use tiles in your shower area, which can become slippery.

Therefore, ensure that you use the right material, not only on the walls but also on the floor, to avoid problems and accidents.

I know it’s cheaper to opt for a tiled floor than a shower tray or bathtub, but you must be cautious.

It could happen in the rest of the bathroom floor too, where you may see a delightful floor but it may not be suitable.

Thus, make sure to consult thoroughly with the provider about the appropriate material, not just for the shower area but also for the rest of the bathroom.

Alternatives like this floor, where plenty of grout or cement was used for the joints, make it not only look beautiful but also much safer than slippery formats.

Moreover, remember that you have the anti-slip porcelain or vinyl tile floor.

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The bathroom is an area in your home that needs much attention when it comes to decoration due to its frequent usage.

It’s essential to create a comfortable and welcoming space that generates positive vibes.

For this reason, it’s crucial to keep in mind these common bathroom mistakes to fix them.

Let me know in the comments what other common mistakes you have seen in bathrooms.

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