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Luxurious living room best transformation tips

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Have you ever wondered what you should do to create a luxurious living room?

In this article, I will share seven easy tips that designers follow to make a living room look spectacular and luxurious regardless of the style.

Sometimes, we confuse elegance with having expensive pieces, but that’s far from reality.

Elegance focuses on simplicity, balance, and having the creativity to apply it intelligently.

If you’re planning to have a luxurious living room, this article is made especially for you.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Using blankets on sofas is a simple way to create contrast, add texture, and bring softness to the space.

Incorporating an additional layer of texture is easy to implement to create a luxurious living room.

It gives the space a more finished, natural, relaxed, and cozy look.

It is also useful, for instance, if you have a dark sofa, adding a light-toned textured layer helps brighten the environment instantly.

You can place your blankets on the sofa, an armchair, or accentuate them in different ways depending on your decorative style.

You can neatly fold them and place them on the seat or backrest for classic or more formal interiors.

Alternatively, you can drape them loosely and naturally, creating a more casual and relaxed vibe.

This makes the atmosphere feel more inviting and organic.

Personally, I love this approach because it gives a sense that the space is being used and feels much more welcoming and authentic.

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Luxurious living room throw pillows

Another detail that ruins an elegant look is having empty cushions without shape or with a very firm filling.

It doesn’t allow the cushion to have a natural, pleasant, and comfortable shape.

This is a detail that is sometimes overlooked or simply not taken into consideration when buying the fillings.

Because we are focused on the beauty of the cover and we forget to think about the most important thing, the shape of the cushion.

My advice is to choose moldable fillings that maintain their shape.

You can even find options with these characteristics on my favorite online retailer Etsy.

When using your sofa with cushions, don’t just put them on and forget about it.

Give them shape and place them in a way that the composition looks relaxed and natural, yet elegant.

It’s also important to avoid having empty spaces.

A useful trick is to buy fillings one size larger than the cover.

This trick applies to soft and shapable fillings.

The cushion will look full but with a pleasant and elegant shape.

Cushions are part of those final touches that give a luxurious living room finish touch to interiors.

Quality fillings are an excellent choice for an elegant and timeless look.

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Faux flowers

Do not exaggerate when using plastic artificial flowers or plants.

If you do decide to use them, be smart about it by combining natural foliage or branches with the artificial flowers.

This trick, which I personally love, adds beauty and softness to your interior.

It’s no secret that having fresh flowers can be expensive and they have a relatively short lifespan for the investment they require.

On the other hand, artificial flowers can look fake, but last years.

However, by combining natural foliage with high-quality artificial flowers, you can always have a spectacular luxurious living room on a budget.

luxurious living room

The key to making them look elegant is to use artificial flowers that do not have complex gradients, imitating the simplicity of natural flowers.

The simpler the flower in reality, with more uniform colors, the more the artificial version will resemble the natural one.

When combined with natural foliage, the arrangement can look organic and you won’t even notice that it’s partially artificial.

For example, you can use carnations.

The natural flower itself is very simple, and Etsy offers amazing options that look quite natural.

White carnations go well with any color palette and look elegant and refined.

You can use them in small or medium vases and combine them with ruscus foliage, which can last for months.

Create small or medium-sized arrangements for your coffee table in the living room, bedside table, credenzas, bathrooms, or any other special corner of your home.

The best part is that they will always look fresh, and you can decorate your home without spending a lot or worrying about them wilting.

You can place them in glass containers to make it appear as if there is water, which adds to the illusion of natural flowers.

Another type of artificial flower that looks great are white roses because they have solid and uniform colors in their natural version.

You can also find these roses at Etsy.

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With them, you can create larger and taller arrangements combined with ruscus or other natural foliage such as pine branches.

Consider buying artificial flowers that are available in your country and in season.

Mix them with foliage from the same season or climate to create a cohesive and realistic natural look.

Another option, if you’re a nature lover like me, is to use fallen branches from trees or shrubs.

Place them in simple shaped vases that complement the branch’s softness.

Even after the leaves have fallen, you can incorporate small artificial flowers using the same color trick to create your own arrangement.

Since the branches are natural and maintain their shape.

The arrangement looks quite elegant and suitable for stylish interiors, such as boho, Scandinavian, minimalist, or for the autumn and winter seasons.

You can read my guide on interior plants for beginners here.

Tropical flowers

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Another cost-effective and elegant option is tropical arrangements, where two or three leaves in a simple vase are undoubtedly a better choice than opting for artificial plants.

These arrangements are affordable and can last for months if you keep the water fresh and cold.

There are no excuses to have a stylish luxurious living room on a friendly budget.

We just need to be creative and create hybrid arrangements that allow us to decorate our spaces for a long time while adding beauty, movement, color, and elegance.

Luxurious living room table lamps

Another trick for making the space look elegant is to use medium or small scale table lamps.

Decorative lamps add style and a touch of innovation to any home while providing proper illumination, making the environment much more cozy and comfortable.

Choose lamps that match your home’s style, but also catch attention and captivate the eye.

A small lamp on a sideboard, on a bedside table, in the living room, in the hallway, or on a credenza at the end of a corridor, will make your decor look more dynamic and modern.

Add these lamps at various points in the house to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

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Select models with lampshades or diffusers to ensure the light does not directly affect your eyes.

Pick a neutral color temperature to achieve a more soothing ambience.

You can place these lamps on top of books to give them extra height if needed.

Keep in mind that they don’t have to be large lamps.

Focus on choosing suitable dimensions and height for your furniture or sideboard, as well as for the other elements that are part of that composition.

Break the mold by choosing avant-garde shapes and modern materials.

I assure you, you will achieve an elegant appearance while creating a new layer of relaxing and natural light.

Outdoor illumination

And speaking of lighting, let me share with another next trick that I absolutely love.

It’s about illuminating outdoor areas such as gardens, perimeter walkways, balconies, or terraces at night.

This connection between the outside and the inside becomes much more permeable and gives a sense of spaciousness, movement, and modernity.

The best part is that illuminating a garden is no longer a luxury.

You can actually find affordable lamps that don’t require hiring a lighting technician.

You can do it yourself easily and quickly, and I assure you that your home will change radically, transforming its essence.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a small balcony or a small outdoor space.

Even just illuminating some potted plants can make it look elegant and modern.

This is particularly beneficial in small and compact areas.

Because by illuminating the exterior, it becomes part of the interior, creating the perception of a much larger space.

Neutral colors

Achieve a timeless and classy look by choosing neutral tones for the key elements of your space, such as the sofa, curtains, and walls.

Light neutrals create a relaxing and elegant ambiance, while also making the space feel more open and spacious.

Unlike bright and vibrant colors that can fade over time, neutrals are versatile and never go out of style.

Take white, for example. It may seem difficult to keep clean, but it’s actually the perfect solution.

Since white doesn’t have pigments or chromatic levels, it stays spotless even after multiple cleanings.

You can easily touch up any dirty or scratched areas with a brush and maintain a pristine look.

For a luxurious touch, incorporate neutral tones throughout your color palette, especially in furniture and key elements like sofas, curtains, and walls.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use colors, but it’s important to use them wisely and avoid overwhelming the space for an elegant look.

Luxurious living room accent colors

Colors serve as accents and create rhythm in stylish spaces.

Consistency is key when using color in elegant spaces, where a predefined color palette is uniformly applied throughout.

My advice is to opt for a neutral dominant color and choose a secondary and accent color for details.

Add colors you love through medium and small elements, evenly distributed throughout the home.

It creates a unified, elegant, and coordinated space.

Utilize these colors in items such as paintings, cushions, blankets, flowers, or even decorative elements.

Use colors in the appropriate proportions by following the 60-30-10 rule.

This simple technique involves using a neutral color for 60% of the space, a secondary tone for 30%, and an accent tone for the remaining 10% of the room.

Check out this decor idea courtesy of Photowall, picking a canvas with color accents that you can use to tie up the space with accent colors on throw pillows or the sofa.

By following this technique, you will notice that your space feels more fluid and cohesive.

Even when shopping for accessories, think about this color palette.

It’s a common mistake to purchase a charming accessory that doesn’t match anything we already have at home.

When we introduce it into our composition, it doesn’t harmonize and fails to enhance the beauty already present in our home.

That’s why it’s important to consider existing elements before investing in new pieces.

If you want more color tips and ideas for your home, check out this article.

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