50 minimalist kitchen design ideas

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The main concept of minimalist design is to keep the spaces clutter-free, giving a sense of clean lines where heavy elements are not present or not the main focus of the space.

From a visual point of view, minimalism seeks to give a sense of serenity and peace of mind by prioritizing the basic shapes.

This does not mean an all-white space or kitchen, minimalism allows for color if it’s incorporated in a thoughtful manner.

When we talk about the kitchen, there are some tips and ideas I want to share with you about kitchen design ideas, let me know if you found them useful.

Repeated Patterns

minimalist kitchen with marble backsplash

It is common to see different patterns and textures in most kitchens, where the floor, walls, and countertops all have different looks, what about bringing them together?

In this case, you can see that the countertop finish is the same as the backsplash and the wooden finish sides of the kitchen island are mimicked on the top kitchen cabinet.

The Less the Better

minimalist kitchen in black and white

If you want to achieve a super clean look, try to do as little as possible on the countertops, now it’s not realistic to have a kitchen magazine look 24/7.

Make the habit to store gadgets, utensils, and appliances as you use them, this will also give you space to cook and help you start with a clear mind instead of worrying about moving everything around before cooking.

Integrate the Kitchen

all white minimalist kitchen

When there are no walls that divide the kitchen from the rest of the space like we tend to frequently see in apartments and lofts, the use of white can help to create a visual unification, and the minimalistic design does not feel imposed.

Low Cooktop

If you want a clean and continuous look on your surfaces, choose induction stoves, that nest inside the cabinets.

Not only do they look super sleek but they also give extra working space.

Unlike traditional stoves, there’s no space between the appliance and the cabinet were food can spill, there are plenty of induction stoves in the market to choose from and they cover all price ranges.

All-White Minimalist Classic

If you want the staple look of minimalism, go for an all-white look, it’s ideal for small kitchens or kitchens with little or no natural sunlight but just remember the upkeep is more demanding, as white gets dirty the fastest and you do not want hard to remove stains on your kitchen.

Black and White never goes out of Style

If you want a minimalist feel but with a bit of elegance then this is an ideal combination, the black pops out in contrast to white, giving the kitchen a contemporary feel, this way you can also visually hide certain appliances like ovens and microwaves.

Pop Up Plug-Ins

Plugins are a must in all kitchens but the truth is kitchens have a lot of them and they can give a very messy and cluttered look if you are planning a renovation.

Consider using pop-up plugins, they hide on the countertop and you will have a clean backsplash.

Wood and White

minimalist kitchen wood and white

Another great twist to minimalism, on one hand, you have the clean minimal feel but the woods adds coziness to the space, white cabinets with a marble finish in front of a wooden tile.

Brick Backsplash

minimalist kitchen barn style white bricks

A rustic look can go with minimalism, like in this photo, the brick wall backsplash is trendy and gives a classic look to the kitchen.

One of the only problems is the upkeep, you can also opt for tiles with a brick look which are easier to clean.

Use a Pop of Color

minimalist kitchen white wood table

Do not be afraid to use some color here and there, if you want to give some of your personal styles to the kitchen, like this accent wooden finish height breakfast table with matching shelves.

Three Colors

minimalist kitchen yellow brown wood

Or what about this design idea? a daring kitchen with a matching dining room, the white background serves as a canvas for the contemporary yellow and grey furniture to shine.

13 More Colorful

This is an even more daring example, the yellow and navy blue match the kitchen with the dining room (and as you can see even the living room pillows), this playful style works great on open spaces like lofts.

An Island Larger than Life

minimalist kitchen big white island

This is not suitable for all kitchens but if you are lucky enough to have a big kitchen with an option for an island, choosing one with an extra-large top gives a floating feel.

Cooking Art

minimalist kitchen artistic tree and furniture

If you are looking for something unique, this artistic approach to minimalism is what you need in your life, the chairs twisted shapes match the tree and the all-white island matches the table finish.

Sleek Appliances

minimalist kitchen grey backsplash and black cabinets

Avoid big appliances like the stove hood, and go for a slimmer design, they work just as well without grabbing all the attention (plus they are easier to clean).

No Kitchen Handles

minimalist kitchen natural wood grain loft

If you want to achieve a continuous clean look, avoid using handles, there are magnetic latches that allow the kitchen door cabinets to open with just a push.

Simple Open Shelves

Open shelves are a good idea to store mugs, cups, and glasses and use them as decor but it’s key to know exactly what goes in there to avoid clutter.

Invisible Appliances

If it’s possible to try to disguise all appliances behind custom cabinet doors, it will create a streamlined look, if you have too many visible appliances it becomes overwhelming.

Minimalism for Big Family Kitchens

Giving an all-white look will open up the space and give enough storage for all the food, utensils, and appliances, among other items without looking cluttered. In this style of kitchen, a regular cleaning and organizational routine are key.

Narrow Kitchen

minimalist kitchen narrow white and silver kitchen

This kitchen shape benefits the most from a minimalistic style, especially if you choose a white or light color palette, the use of white amplifies the space.

Let the Backsplash do the Talking

minimalist kitchen hexagon modern black white tiles

Like in this hexagon tile design, with a custom pattern in black and white which is complemented by a marble countertop and black matte finish cabinets.

Natural Wood Finishes and Open Shelves

minimalist kitchen white natural wood finish scandinavian

If you want a clean and streamlined style this is a good option, the cabinets do not have handles to give a continuous look and the cabinets have a white finish with a wooden backsplash instead of a classic tile.

All Shiny White

minimalist kitchen shiny white futuristic

Great design idea for single people, this minimalist style with sharp edges gives a futuristic feel.

A Pop of Green

minimalist kitchen green classic modern barn

This minimalist kitchen in white, black, and natural wood finish, uses olive-green cabinets surrounding the refrigerator to command attention.

Rustic + Minimal

minimalist kitchen with rustic wicker lamp beach

An interesting combination where the white smooth surfaces of the cabinets are contrasted against a grey brick wall, a wooden finish countertop, and a big wicker lamp, beachside homes could use this style.

Futuristic White

The clean white surfaces with black appliances give this kitchen design a futuristic feel.

Minimalistic Twist on a Classic Look

White long and narrow tiles are used to create a zig-zag pattern over black matte finish cabinets and countertops.

Breakfast Table for Small Kitchens

minimalist scandinavian kitchen natural wood white

If you have a small place then an open kitchen with an incorporated high table will be a space saver, not only it looks good but is also practical and gives extra storage below the serving side.

Contrasting Colors

minimalist kitchen in black and white

The use of black in this design frames the area in the cabinets and the white marble countertop gives a floating illusion over the black base.

Built-in Dining Table

minimalist kitchen in white and natural wood with table

Ideal for couples or single people, this table design incorporated into the kitchen cabinets eliminates the need for a dining area if you have a big window like in the picture you will benefit from a great view to enjoy as you eat.

White Floors

minimalist kitchen all white floor and cabinets

A serene look, the ceiling, cabinets, and floors all match in white.

Young Professional Kitchen

minimalist kitchen for young professional

This is exactly the type of person who could use this kitchen, it’s simple but with a lot of storage that extends between the kitchen and dining table, perfect to store everything from dishes to office supplies.

Minimalist Seaside Kitchen

minimalist kitchen seaside view

A dream kitchen for many of us, cooking would be such a pleasure with this incredible view, and in this design, minimalism is the best option as the simple and white lines do not fight for attention letting you enjoy the beautiful views.

Natural Finishes

minimalist kitchen wood floor and concrete walls

With a simple yet elegant look, the wooden floor contrast with the white minimalist kitchen cabinets and the concrete wall. An outstanding design that works great on lofts.

Tempered Glass Doors

minimalist kitchen with wood floors and glass doors

A good way to store kitchen items and other items you might have is using tempered glass doors like the ones in this picture, it is white to visually hide everything and maintain a clean look.

Natural Wood

minimalist kitchen natural wood drawers

Another beautiful of how a natural wood grain looks, ideally you want all the pieces to have a continuous look as you see in this picture, one drawer grain is continued in the next one.

Clean Look for a Big Family Kitchen

minimalist kitchen for big families

Let’s face it, not all minimalists styles will work for all families, if you have a big family and need to have items somewhat visible then this is one the best choices, the top cabinets have glass which lets you see just enough to know where everything is, without making the space feel overwhelming.

A Masculine Touch

minimalist kitchen for bachelors concrete floor

I would consider a design leaning towards the masculine side, maybe for a bachelor, with the white and wood finish shine over the dark concrete tile.

Wooden Roof

minimalist kitchen with wooden roof modern barn

This design for me mingles between a minimalist kitchen and a modern barn style, the overall look is clean once everything is stored but the style of doors and the wooden roof give a barn vibe.

A Multipurpose Island

minimalist kitchen white island with sink, stovetop and washing machine

This is a perfect example of function plus aesthetic, we have an all-white island but as you see it is equipped with the sink, the induction stove, and the washing machine, the best part is that they are all hidden from plain view while being accessible.

Deep Drawers for Pots

kitchen drawers for pots

Some people like to use big lazy susans in the kitchen corners for their pots but I personally feel this is a better alternative, as it is much easier to access.

And this works for all kitchens but only if you have what you need and not a mountain of kitchen items.

Rich Chocolate Wood Finish

minimalist kitchen white cabinets and wood walls

Another great example of a cozy minimalist kitchen is the rich wood finish that contrasts beautifully with the white cabinets and gives personality to the space.

Just an Island

kitchen white cabinets and concrete wall with sea view

A more daring design proposal, which works for people who do not cook much or like in this case is a holiday home where you are more likely to go out for lunch or dinner.

Once again the kitchen is simple to let the views take over.

Bold Kitchen Island

Unlike the previous picture, here the island commands the attention but what I love about this design is the fact that the island matches the floor, creating a two-side contrasting look,

Exposed Beam

kitchen elegant black kitchen with ceiling beam and seaside

The exposed ceiling beams are a decorative piece without cluttering the space, besides they give a wider feel.

Lamps as Decoration

white kitchen with three big black ceiling lamps

In this clear design, the black lamps become the centerpiece and frame both the table and the white backsplash with wooden side cabinets.

Kitchen + Office

white kitchen for an office or open plan pad

In this design proposal, a small white kitchen is merged into the space, a good minimalist design for offices, or open floor plan pads.

Decorative Pieces

elegant kitchen with flowers and sculpture

In a minimalist kitchen, some decorative pieces will draw more attention, like this orchid flower vase or the large sculpture.

Lights and more Lights

white kitchen ceiling lamps

Not only they are key to brightening the space and making it feel more spacious if you have a narrow or small kitchen or with little natural lighting but also is important to see everything clearly and avoid accidents.

Bold Edges

On a minimalist kitchen with little to no decoration pieces, a dramatic island will be more than enough to serve as a decor piece, choose a stone-like marble with a beautiful pattern and make sure it is thick like this picture to give a sturdy feel and attractive look.

Hope you found some inspiration in this curated selection!

If you have any questions please write them down below and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

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50 minimalist kitchen ideas

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