12 christmas decor mistakes
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Christmas decoration mistakes & How to fix them!

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Christmas decoration mistakes and how to fix them!

Are you a Christmas enthusiast who dreams of bringing the festive charm of Pinterest-worthy homes into your own?

If so, this blog post is tailor-made for you. I’ll share some common decor mistakes and also great Amazon finds for your festive decor. Pin as you like!

With an overwhelming variety of creative ideas and trends at our fingertips, it’s common to feel a bit overwhelmed and end up with a mishmash of decor styles.

While this eclectic approach might appeal to some, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you had a specific vision in mind.

So in this post I’ll share 12 common Christmas decoration mistakes you should avoid to achieve a spectacular atmosphere.

We’ll talk about colors, trees, lights, ornaments, and much more.

This post is designed to help you prepare and gather ideas before starting the preparations and going shopping, so you don’t spend on unnecessary things.

Even when it comes to Christmas decorations, planning and using design principles are important.

Those beautiful interiors you admire follow design and composition tricks, and you can easily achieve the same.

I’ll show you how! Join me as we explore these 12 Christmas decoration mistakes and learn what you should do to fix them.

Christmas decoration mistake #1: Follow trends

Okay, let’s talk about defining your own style.

You might be surprised by some of the trends out there, but personally, I don’t really follow the Christmas trends.

I believe the focus should be on creating a magical and authentic atmosphere rather than just following trends.

So, it’s all about finding the right vibe, atmosphere, or decorative style for Christmas.

And, if there’s a color or texture that’s on-trend this year, that’s cool too.

But in the end, anything goes for Christmas, as long as you create that magical version that resonates with you and your family.

There’s a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some of them, and you can tell me which one is your favorite or which one you’ll lean towards for this year’s Christmas decorations.

12 christmas decor mistakes

There’s the timeless classic, the combination of reds and greens, which goes well in almost any interior.

Then there’s the rustic style that leans towards wood and artisan or even handmade ornaments.

There are simpler styles too, like minimalist or Nordic, which incorporate simple elements.

And for those who prefer something more dramatic, there’s the contemporary style, which even uses black in its color palette.

If you have kids or if you love colors, there are much more festive and fun styles.

For example, those that use bold and unconventional color palettes like blue, purple, and pink, with thematic and colorful decorations.

In the end, there’s a wide variety of styles to choose from. Instead of following trends, it’s better to identify the style that matches your personality and your home.

Once you do that, it will be much easier to define your colors and the type of decorations you want.

Christmas decoration mistakes #2: Colors & themes

One thing that people often forget is the importance of coordinating colors and themes.

After you’ve developed your style, don’t rush to the store and start spending.

Now, it’s time to plan. Consider it a similar process to renovating the design of your interiors.

Observe and plan your objectives.

You think those beautiful, cohesive, and spectacular homes you see during Christmas happen by chance?

Absolutely not! It all starts with careful planning.

For example, I’m already coordinating what I want for this year.

The first thing I do is seek inspiration and Pinterest is amazing tool for that.

Last year, I went for something neutral, but this year, I want color.

However, I still want to maintain elegance and simplicity.

That being said, I also crave a bit of contrast.

During my search, I stumbled upon these captivating images that exude a warm, wooded vibe with a touch of dark red blended with gold and pine green.

12 christmas decor mistakes

The velvet details combined with dark backgrounds speak to me.

I adore that mixture of classic and contemporary.

Can you feel the atmosphere those images create?

They help us define a theme, and that’s what you should do for your home.

Get inspired and determine what vibe you want to experience during Christmas.

Are you feeling extremely joyful? Then, mix colors. If you’re aiming for a romantic atmosphere, incorporate dramatic and elegant elements.

Perhaps you prefer an organic, natural feel?

In that case, a rustic vibe might be ideal for you.

As for my home, I think I’m going for that atmosphere that balances drama and classic elements. It will work well with the existing items in my house.

Before you head to the store don’t forget, you need to define your color palette within the concept you’ve chosen.

Continuing with my example, I’ll extract colors and textures from my inspiration images to bring that scene to life.

In my case, my color palette includes a romantic, woody red that’s not too vibrant.

It’s complemented by dark greens, touches of gold, and elements like pine branches and velvet.

I’ll combine classic details with natural elements.

Even the wrapping paper will fit into this theme.

When you place the gifts under the tree, everything will look spectacular and cohesive.

Do you see how I already have an idea of what I should buy at the store?

12 christmas decor mistakes
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Christmas decoration mistake #3: Mix old and new

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, there’s one thing you shouldn’t do: believe that you have to buy everything new.

Who can afford that anyway?

Even if you enjoy getting new things to switch things up, I suggest having a base decoration.

Choose the predominant colors and metals that you like, whether warm or cool tones like gold or silver.

You can have a mix of both, but one should stand out as the base for your decorations.

This applies to the tree and overall decor.

For example, in my home, my base metals are gold and matte black.

My base Christmas decor is gold, including shades like champagne gold with or without glitter.

I’ve found that any variation within that color family works for me.

No need to be exact and go overboard with buying.

Last year, I had this base, and this year I’ll be using the same.

I’ll just buy a few new details and use what I already have, without spending a fortune.

Changing up the details and adding flowers, cushions, and so on can completely transform the look.

Mix in the old with the new, making sure everything fits together harmoniously with your decor.

Instead of just dressing up your house for Christmas, aim to integrate the decorations seamlessly so that they feel like a part of the whole and create a pleasant atmosphere.

There’s no need to buy everything brand new every year.

Christmas decoration mistakes #4: Overcrowd

One thing you should avoid is believing that you have to fill every nook and cranny with decor.

Don’t be swayed by the stores that try to sell you their items by filling every corner.

It’s great that they help you visualize combinations, but you don’t have to take everything and overcrowd your space.

Remember the importance of negative space, where the eye can rest and appreciate the composition.

Just like music, design and interior decoration also rely on balance between elements and the absence of clutter.

Instead of filling everything, define the key areas you want to focus on and let the space flow.

This will create an elegant and festive ambiance without overpowering your home’s essence.

Christmas mistakes #5: Literal decor

Another common Christmas decoration mistakes is to go all out with literal decorations.

You know, scattering plush toys here and there, another Santa Claus over here, the wife, the reindeer, snowman, and the whole family.

I understand that this is a personal choice.

Personally, I don’t use literal themed decorations. I prefer abstract decor, playing with colors and textures.

But I do understand that many people enjoy it. For example, my family loves it.

You’ll see this decor everywhere from dolls to throw pillow covers, although it’s not my style.

I appreciate them and acknowledge their beauty, especially if you have kids at home, as it fills them with excitement.

I respect everyone’s taste, but there’s no need to go overboard with so many literal details.

It’s more than enough, and it stands out even more because they are unique pieces.

Complement them with abstract elements, which are even more budget-friendly.

For example, you can use a bowl with some of your unused Christmas ornaments, pine cones, dried oranges, or cinnamon.

You can put fresh pine in vases or some dry branches, or even have natural poinsettias.

Another bowl with nuts, and so on. Christmas is not just about those literal figures; it’s about a vibe and elements that transport us to a magical place.

So, unleash your creativity, use things you already have, and if you like figurines and literal designs, combine them with other types of decor so that your spaces don’t look like they’re dressed up for Christmas.

But rather like a magical and elegant place that still reflects your style. And that’s the key.

Christmas decoration mistakes #6: Christmas tree

When buying and placing your Christmas tree, there are a few important things to consider.

First, measure its diameter and height to ensure it fits your space.

If you already have a tree, find a spot that allows it to breathe and show off its beauty.

Many people make the mistake of crowding their tree, causing it to bend or touch the ceiling.

Others place it too close to a wall, robbing it of its shape and elegance.

Remember, it’s not about having the biggest tree, but finding the right size for your space.

Consider the style of the tree as well.

There are classic green ones, snow-covered ones, and even different shapes to choose from.

Some are narrow at the bottom while others are wider.

Some have dense and uniform branches, while others appear more natural and disheveled. Personally, I love the latter.

My tree is classic and stunning, but I want to buy a medium-sized one for the dining area to create a cozy atmosphere.

Make sure to place the tree where it won’t obstruct movement or functionality, and where you can enjoy it from the places you usually sit, entertain guests, or have dinner.

It’s also important to have it near an electrical outlet, so you don’t have cables stretched across the floor.

If you can’t avoid it, at least gather and organize the cables neatly or use a cable channel.

Planning and placement are key when buying and setting up your tree.

Want more Christmas tree decor tips? Click here.

Christmas decoration mistake #7: Lights

One thing I don’t recommend in Christmas decorations is mixing different color temperatures of lights or worse yet, buying them without knowing the effect each one has.

You go to the store, see a sign for super special white lights, and you think to yourself, “Okay, these must be perfect because they don’t have any color.”

But within those white lights, there’s warm and cool temperature, just like conventional bulbs.

This small detail, can completely change the look you’re aiming for, even the whole vibe that you’ve defined.

It’s important to note that cool-toned white lights are great for decorating and for the tree.

They give off a colder effect, perfect for recreating snowy environments.

Now, this is a matter of personal preference, but if you ask me, I would undoubtedly go for warm-toned lights.

Especially if your color palette leans towards warm colors.

Not only does it make the home look much cozier and inviting, but I also think it adds a touch of elegance.

Remember, yellow light relaxes the nervous system, making it an excellent option for achieving that elegant yet cozy festive vibe.

Regardless of whether you choose cool or warm lights, don’t mix both color temperatures on the same tree.

It divides or segments the tree and your decoration.

Each color temperature should define an area because it’s noticeable.

The point is to make everything look unified and cohesive.

However, it’s true that you can mix different lights.

For example, warm white with colored lights.

But in this case, make a homogeneous combination that looks well blended and distributed throughout the tree’s width and height.

Christmas decoration mistake #8: Accent color

Another recommendation on what not to do is to avoid choosing an accent color and using it so much that the concept of accent gets lost.

Check out this beauty! Although blue is not a popular or very Christmassy color, it looks beautiful.

And do you know why? Because they didn’t go overboard with its usage; they used it as an accent.

While looking for inspiration, I stumbled upon this setting, and even though I’m not personally a fan of shades like blue, pink, and purple for Christmas, I found it exquisite.

It even made me want to get creative and I realized it’s because they use the color subtly.

They don’t saturate it with the accent color; they let the green of the pine tree and the arrangements be part of the scene, which makes it look even more elegant while expressing the elegance and authenticity of the color.

Besides, it gives you versatility. It’s exactly what we were talking about earlier.

You can use your usual base decoration and with just a few touches, you can change the color every year without breaking a sweat.

I find it beautiful and an economical alternative for those who like to change and be different every year.

The tree decoration and color can complement other details like cushions, blankets, and flowers, making it even more engaging.

Christmas mistake #9: Forget about your year-round furniture and decor

When it comes to Christmas decoration mistakes, people forget to consider their existing furniture and decor.

It’s important to remember that every color and texture you choose for your Christmas decorations should complement the elements you already have in your home.

While it’s tempting to completely overhaul your decor for the holidays, it’s actually better to adapt your Christmas decorations to fit the conditions of your space.

Let me give you an example: if you have a green sofa, don’t feel like you have to go all out and get the most Christmas-themed sofa you can find.

Instead, find a way to make your decorations work with your furniture.

Take a look at this space I found, they incorporated a Christmas theme with defined colors that perfectly complemented the style of the home.

The goal here is to combine textures and colors in a way that creates contrast and interest.

Remember, when it comes to combining textures and colors, it doesn’t mean everything has to be the same or match exactly.

The key is to understand that you can combine different elements to create a complementary contrast.

It’s not about randomly throwing things together, but rather being intentional and conscious of how each element interacts with its surroundings.

Take a holistic approach to your space, considering every detail, and I guarantee it will all come together in a way that is interesting, authentic, and most importantly, uniquely you.

So go ahead and embrace what you already have in your home while adding festive touches for the holidays.

Christmas mistake #10: Combining colors

One of the common Christmas decoration mistakes colors without considering how they will blend together.

Understanding color theory and using the color wheel can help in various aspects – not just interior design.

From your home’s facade to your wardrobe and even flower arrangements, the principles apply universally.

Now, let’s talk about using the color wheel to create stunning Christmas decor.

Despite Christmas being a festive and colorful season, it doesn’t mean you can throw any colors together and hope they work.

Ever wondered why red and green look so beautiful together? They are complementary colors.

The same concept applies to other color combinations.

For example, if your decor has blue, you can complement it by incorporating shades of green and aquamarine for an analogous combination.

On the other hand, if you want contrast, use the same blue as your base and add contrasting accents like orange or terracotta.

The key is to choose a main accent color that matches your space’s existing color palette and then select decorative details using the color wheel.

This approach works wonders, especially if you have large furniture pieces or accent walls in your space.

Christmas mistake #11: Impractical decor

If you don’t have kids or pets, feel free to buy whatever you like.

However, if you do have them, it’s wise to invest in durable and sturdy decorations for Christmas.

Delicate ornaments like glass balls or ceramic decorations are undoubtedly beautiful, but their lifespan can be short, especially when little ones or furry friends are around.

Imagine a mischievous cat. climbing up the Christmas tree and hiding inside it.

It might be adorable, but it also poses a huge risk.

If you have a similar situation, it’s better to invest in long-lasting wooden or plastic ornaments that won’t easily get damaged or break.

It’s essential to prioritize functionality even when it comes to Christmas decorations.

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Christmas mistake #12: Too much sparkle

Everything needs to burst with brilliance during Christmas and I know sometimes it’s even hard to find arrangements without so much shine.

I was just in a store and everything was frosty, everything had glitter, and sure, it’s beautiful, Christmas needs shine.

But we need contrast, we need matte or rustic things.

Shine is beautiful, it gives a lot of light, but we need elements without shine to create contrast, to give interest to compositions.

Even when we’re talking about details and Christmas decoration, balance and opposites attract.

If everything is shiny, what happens? Nothing stands out if everything is shiny.

Shine doesn’t catch the attention if you have shiny things mixed with matte or rustic ones.

The difference in textures will make each one stand out even more.

And if you love to have your home looking beautiful with style, if you want to start preparing everything so that the festive season catches you with a home in its full splendor, and if you want to keep learning about design, I recommend you these Christmas blog posts for your home.

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Do you know any other common Christmas decoration mistakes? Share them in the comments below.

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