10 tips to reduce waste in your home office

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Reduce office waste and make your work area sustainable. Let me show you 10 awesome tips that’ll help reduce office waste and save money in the process!

The new normal offers exciting opportunities to get creative with our daily lives, and that especially holds true for those who have opted to stay home or create a dedicated workspace.

If you’re looking for ways to minimize your waste while at home or in the office, this shortlist has ten helpful tips sure to make an impact!

1) Buy zero-waste office supplies

Make your office green and reduce waste with reusable supplies like eco-friendly pencils, markers that won’t fade away over time and glue to stick it all together. Your colleagues will thank the planet!

2) Print on both sides

Want to help the world and save some paper?

Use both sides of each page, set print settings to black & white, and make sure there’s no requirement for a particular doc.

You can even jot down notes on your draft prints – double win!

3) Replace the plastic with glass cups

Have you noticed a shift in your office or workspace recently?

Say goodbye to single-use plastic cups and hello to eco-friendly mugs!

Offices everywhere are ditching the disposable mug habit, encouraging staff members to bring their own ceramic options.

At home, it couldn’t be simpler: just grab your favourite cup from the kitchen – let’s get our planet back on track today!

4) Sort your waste

Going green has never been easier!

Make sure all your office waste is sorted properly by breaking it down into categories, then get some labeled bins to make recycling a cinch.

Paper, plastic and glass can be recycled while organic materials should go in the compost bin – simple as that!

5) Use white vinegar as a multi-purpose cleaner

Who knew something as simple and affordable as white vinegar could be a great alternative to commercial cleaning products?

With a few extra ingredients like water, alcohol, or essential oils, you can make your own natural solutions.

Plus it’s better for the environment when you use reusable microfiber cloths instead of paper towels!

6) Use plants to decorate

Being stuck at your desk all day can leave you feeling drained and unmotivated.

Make sure to keep the air circulating in your office with plenty of ventilation, and take advantage of natural light when available!

Create a positive working environment by adding some living plants – they’ll bring life into any dull workspace while helping reduce stress levels and purifying the air too.

7) Keep the office tidy

Did you know having a neat and organized office can result in less stress, more productivity – plus it’s good for the environment too!

Konmari is an amazing method of decluttering that will spruce up your workspace.

If there are any doubles or items no longer needed, think about donating them to those who would appreciate them most!

8) Avoid processed food and snacks

If you want to make sure your snacks are healthy and environmentally friendly, then why not skip the processed stuff?

Try shopping at local markets for fresh fruit or sign up with a healthy snack subscription – that way you’re guaranteed delicious goodies without all of those unnecessary plastic wrappers.

You can also save money by meal prepping your own snacks — just grab some nuts and fruits, fill ’em into glass containers or reusable food bags, et voila!

9) Turn off what you aren’t using

Unplugging is the ultimate way to go green in your office!

Turning off laptops, computers, printers and lamps when you’re done working helps cut down on energy consumption.

And unplugging these devices takes an extra step towards preserving precious resources. So don’t wait – get powering down today!

10) Go to work without your car

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with easy access to public transportation, walking or biking your way into work is always a great option!

Doing so not only gives the environment a break from cars on the road – it’s good for you too.

So why not give your car some well-deserved rest this week and see just how much time (and money) can be saved by using alternative methods of transport?

I hope these simple tips and ideas inspire you to create a better working space with less waste.

Do you have any tips to reduce office waste? Leave your comment below!

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